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    Identifying me on the net

    If someone has my IP addr, what are the steps they'd have to take after that to get my name? Would they have to hack into the DHCP Server? and then try and hack the server that has the mapping of my router's MAC addr to my info?

    This is what occurs to me, I'd like knowledge from you guys!


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    Depends if your IP address is a static one or a dynamic one - i.e if you always connect with the same one (static) or if your ISP changes it from time to time (dynamic).

    If you're on static, it might have registration information attached to it, or be tied to a domain with information. The amount of data about you attached to it is limited, though.

    Its harder with dynamic IP addresses, as searches about the IP show it as one of your ISP's pool of addresses. Whoever was inquiring would need to know who was using a particular address at a particular time to find out much about it.

    Having said all that, of course, what you really need to worry about is not your IP address. Connections to and by your IP might give away who you're talking to, connecting to, emailing, etc., but you have far more information available through forum sites and social networks that would be much easier targets if someone wanted to get enough information about you, say, steal your identity.

    If they just wanted to look who it was making a particular post or comment, then the IP address provides -some- information, but not as much as can be gleaned from the site you're registered with, which would normally have some kind of profile or other information source about you.

    And if your communications pass through an NSA-monitored node (perhaps in the USA or anywhere else on planet Earth) they'll know who you've been talking to and connecting with anyway - they'll know who you'll be emailing before you write it...
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