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    How to get radio stream URL out of a webpage?


    please what is the easiest linux way to get an online radio stream URL out of website player like:

    PLAY.CZ - radio player

    They may support: Flash, Silverlight, HTML5 audio.
    wma, mp3, aac

    my web browser dont have any flash technologies and i dont wish to use any. also source code of the website dont show anything

    There a quite neat way to stream right from command line:

    (above mentioned is another radio, i still dont know how to discover that stream URL/IP from linux)
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    They use their own radio player for the link address so a browser is essential. I can't read or understand the language since I am a desert west Texan to look for a .pls .asx type offile download that is what I use to play streaming radio. Here is a example of one of my .pls files/ Maybe you can make your own for that station.

    Title1=Dark Mother Radio (128kbps)
    ChroniX Radio

    Above is a radio station that offeres the feature I am talking about.
    The Listen now button on the task bar has a feature that says "Windiows Media, MP3 Streams".
    I pick like the farthest right option which will say "MP3 Streams> 23K MP3pro" and left click it to download the .pls file it offers.

    I then rename it from listen.pls to the radio station name. Chronix_grit.pls

    I open it in either cmus, or mocp, or xmms which are my media players of choice for streaming radio outside of my browser in my Motorcycle Shop media center.

    Edit: I am uploading a playlist m3u file that is full of european radio stations. Just extract the "digitally-imported.m3u and use it or not to play different stations with your media player that supports m3u files. I am sorry I can't tell you how to pull a working type of web address from a sites embedded media player.

    Might help, might not.
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    Just another way I roll

    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
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    Love your wallpaper Roky! Anyway, I have never had a problem playing streaming internet audio on my system (Scientific Linux 6.x). I also can save the URL and load it in VLC, which is where I usually play my streaming audio. It works better (for me) than anything else.

    FWIW, my wife would probably give me a major dope-slap if I had wallpaper like that! Myself, I limit it to a nice picture of Mount Orizaba in Veracruz Mexico where I have a nice 1/4 acre of land to build a retirement house someday... and it has a good view of the volcano!

    I tried to upload a nice PNG of Orizaba, but it was too big!
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    The problem I found was the link he gave only gave me the option of saving the url as a html. Which only works using a browser with flash.

    So for experiment purposes. I opened VLC and picked Media>Open Stream> and copied and pasted his url into VLC and picked play.

    Nada/Nothing. Hence that was why I posted the links and uploaded my .m3u compressed file.

    The wallpaper my ol lady likes because I built for my wife, her motorcycle. The wallpaper reminds me of her I tell her.
    So she puts up with me.

    My inlaws like my ways also.

    I saw your picture of the inlaws place in Mexico. My ranch has probably been occupied by field mice and rattle snakes and road runners since
    I don't upkeep the place anymore. It don't take long in the wilderness to have nature take over when one leaves and quits maintaining a
    place. That place was my retirement dream but being married changed that dream.

    For image shots. It is just easier for me to use here. Just copy and paste the url after uploading the picture.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    some web radio stations do their best to make it impossible to listen any other way than through their own player.
    some people do their best to write programs to avoid that - like streamtuner2. imho, it's not easy to use.
    and you might want to install a git version.
    but it is very powerful once you get it up and doing what you want.

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    amnesia@amnesia:~/.mplayer$ cd /home/amnesia/sshfs/Hudba/
    amnesia@amnesia:~/sshfs/Hudba$ ls -l | grep dig
    -rw-r--r-- 1 amnesia root 3126 Jun 22 2012 digitally-imported.m3u
    amnesia@amnesia:~/sshfs/Hudba$ mplayer digitally-imported.m3u
    MPlayer 1.0rc3-4.4.4 (C) 2000-2009 MPlayer Team
    mplayer: could not connect to socket
    mplayer: No such file or directory

    Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control.

    Playing digitally-imported.m3u.

    Exiting... (End of file)
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    │../                                   ││1 t:8000/KGNU_live_high.mp3[     |NET]│
    │Bay_Ridge.pls                         ││                                      │
    │Carter_Country_Radio.pls              ││                                      │
    │chicago.pls                           ││                                      │
    │chronix_aggression.pls                ││                                      │
    │chronix_grit.pls                      ││                                      │
    │chronix_metal_masters.pls             ││                                      │
    │chronix_metal.pls                     ││                                      │
    │Dangerous.pls                         ││                                      │
    │digital_gunfire.pls                   ││                                      │
    │digitally-imported.m3u                ││                                      │
    │dronezone.pls                         ││                                      │
    │gamer_radio.pls                       ││                                      │
    │IcyGold_Radio.pls                     ││                                      │
    │indiepop.pls                          ││                                      │
    │KGNU_live_high.mp3.m3u                ││                                      │
    │NIN.pls                               ││                                      │
    │No_Boundries_rock.pls                 ││                                      │
    │NoiseFM.pls                           ││                                      │
    ├────┤Playing...               ├──────────┤       Master 100%  ├───┤>000:00:00├┤
    │ >                             │
    │00:27       [00:00]   48kHz  128kbps [STEREO] [NET] [SHUFFLE] [REPEAT] [NEXT]
    I have not used my digitaly imported .m3u in a while. My terminal player above says those urls are now down.

    "no demuxer found"

    After I post this I am gonna edit my previous upload and pull it down if I can. Edit: Nope. No edit possible. Too much time has passed since I posted that upload.

    So I tried my other .m3u.

    And I show it playing stream radio broadcast in mocp which is a terminal player like mplayer.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Can you find a link via Google or some other search engine? I know this isn't the solution your looking for, but I have found at times that others have already found a link, or places may have put a link on other sites (like a facebook page) that doesn't go through their normal page.

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