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    Forwarding all traffic to other server

    assume i have a sever with X.X.X.X ip address
    and a server with Y.Y.Y.Y ip address.
    i have a webserver on Y.Y.Y.Y
    i need forward all trafic from X.X.X.X to Y.Y.Y.Y and when every one entered the X.X.X.X ip address in browser traffic forward to Y.Y.Y.Y and web server response to the user and user watch the website
    what can i do?

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    Hi and welcome,

    redirecting tcp or http is possible, but introduces complexity and additional points of failure.

    Some questions:
    - Are X.X.X.X and Y.Y.Y.Y in the same network?
    - What is the motivation to redirect traffic from one server to the other?
    - Your users really enter an IP address into the browser?
    - Why not just introduce DNS and just point a hostname to Y.Y.Y.Y?
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    The most common way to redirect a web request is with one of the 3xx http headers. "301 moved permanently" probably being the most common. The users browser responds to the message by making the request of the server address in the header. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. There are also proxy servers and load balancers that do a similar thing in varying ways. If you explain what you're trying to accomplish someone might be able to give a more specific answer.

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    Can use IPTABLES...

    Like other say the best solution depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

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