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    Internet via 2 ISP

    I have 2 ISP at home because I want to be online 24/7, but when the first ISP fails, I must change the default gateway manually. This is not very good, because sometimes I'm not at home and the people who work on the computer cannot change the gateways. I think there are two solutions:
    1) Simple script which pings the gateway and if it is down sets the other gateway as default. This solution has one big problem: if I have ping to my gateway but my ISP do not have i-net for some reason the solution fails.
    2) To setup dynamic routing protocol?? Ughhh! I don't know the name and don't know how to set it up. Give me the name?

    If someone have any idea, please tell me also if you have any URLs on the topic please share them with me

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    You know what? If you can't afford a pro to help you stick to your solution 1).
    To set-up a routing protocol (BTW, the one used on the Net is called Border Gateway Protocol) you need to do some peering with each of your provider, and this is sth you don't wanna try if you are not familiar with routing protocol.
    Maybe you can write a script that not only pings your gateway but also an IP on the Internet so that you can detect a failure of ISP1?
    If you're really eager to learn and have alot of spare time google up some info about BGP. But honestly, BGP admin is a specialist's job.
    Just an opinion...

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