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    Command to check if open proxy works


    please what is the least server resources intensive linux command to veriffy an open proxy works.

    I mean one should probably send and receive any data via this proxy? and if data found it returns true

    Assuming proxy is

    I used this: curl -x $proxy $url --connect-timeout 8 --max-time 20

    but it appears my proxy timeout, but still connect, not sure if after timeout no proxy is used, so i want to load via proxy or return false
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    in order to check if a specified service (proxy, ssh, apache etc. = deamons) work, you should type:

    #service service_name status

    service_name=openproxy or whatever its name is (I dont use proxy, sorry, so I dont know).

    if the status is 'running' or 'OK' then the cause is obviously elsewhere.
    if this service doesnt work replace 'status' with 'restart' to get 'OK' confirmaiton that it's running.

    that's really all I could suggest.
    take care

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