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    Changed a file, now synaptic is downloading at 1kbps?

    Folks: The other day I changed a config file because some updater in my system was burning up all my bandwidth. I set it to 1kbps and now synaptic is downloading at that speed. But the rest of the net is running fine. (I think it was Firefox updating now since it did it automatically after that.)

    What file would do this, so I can reset it back.

    Plus is there a way to make any updating program, do this job when the system is not being used? I have limited bandwidth and cannot let a program hijack this whenever it wants.

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    This is why you need to note your changes so if it doesn't work you can back the change out. Do you remember what you changed?

    Things I do to avoid this:

    Copy the line I want to change, paste the copy below the original. Then comment out the first and make the change to the copy. On work servers I will usually add a comment with the date and what I changed.

    If a file I know I will probably be working on a lot I will make a backup of the file with adding the date to the filename.

    Sometimes I will use version control on like /etc and archive the whole directory. I've been using GIT lately and real easy to save versions of /etc files.
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    Great advice docbop.

    The horse being out of the barn you could try:
    find / -mtime 1 -type f 2>/dev/null
    and see if anything rings a bell. This presumes it was changed in the last 24 hrs. It could take a while and there will be a lot of files to look at.

    If you have an idea where the file was you could narrow the search. i.e. use /etc instead of /.

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    found it

    It was /etc/apt/download76. The 'DL' field is what I needed to adjust.

    Working at full speed now, thanks for the help.

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