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    trouble setting up Wordpress with LAMP

    hey everyone. just to be clear, i have NO idea what i'm doing and setting up a home server is just a project to see if i can do it... so if i end up having to throw a flaming PC into the ocean, so be it.

    okay, so i was having issues connecting to the database and was getting some 404 errors. i got those all squared away but not when i go to the wordpress install page on localhost what comes up is this page:

    Screenshot from 2016-01-21 18:12:03.png

    there's more, but you get the idea.
    i've restarted apache2 and init.d/apache2 but nothing seems to help.
    it's progress but i haven't a clue where to go from here and i don't possess the vocabulary on the subject to properly search for a solution. thanks for any info!

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    Basically it is telling you that you need to install php on your system and configure your web server to use it. Wordpress is coded with php so naturally... No horse and the cart doesn't move!
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    rubberman, you nailed it!

    levelboss, what distro, how did you install php, did you read wordpress' requirements pages?
    i'm pretty sure wordpress requires a LAMP stack, and most probably some additional php modules.
    most CMS have a wizard that will tell you what's missing.

    have you ensured that your server is working correctly before installing wordpress?
    and i don't mean php, just the general functionality (apache default homepage).


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