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    Unable to Remote Desktop with Rosa from XP PC using RDP Connection

    Greetings All!

    My XP PC is a partitioned machine whose other half is Mint 17.3 and it connects via remote desktop (under ssh) with a Mint 17.3 Thinkpad R60e PC's server like hand in glove. In fact I might have to de-install all the Thinkpad's VNC apps which I downloaded Synaptic from the get-go since the native vino server itself works so well -- at least in Mint to Mint mode. On the other hand, getting XP to link up with Mint is like pulling teeth. I downloaded UltraVNC and Bitvise and RealVNC and TightVNC clients on the XP side to reach the Mint PC server but no go. I used Microsoft's RDP Connection on the PC and it creates a screen with XRDP options like sesman-xvnc that makes black blank screen after signing login --- and x11rdp (which instantly crashes out) but nothing happens but "problem connecting" signs. The closest RDP sesman combo I got working was a fluke non-functional occurrence when XP seemed to link with the Mint desktop, only it was the default Linux Mint 17.3 screen which wasn't even up on my Mint PC's display -- where did that come from?

    Teamviewer works, but it also uses a lot of disk memory in my tiny heirloom R60e Thinkpad and I'd like to see if there also more disk-space frugal (and "Mint natural") alternatives. The frustrating thing here is that Bitvise SSH client does seem to log into my Mint PC, but I get a black (tunnelled) screen. I've been gleaning to a headache lots of info on sesman-x11rdp problems like this and a recurring issue is very similar to this: linux - XRDP errors when trying to use sesman-x11rdp - Super User ... man-x11rdp and windows 7 - Blank desktop when logging in via xrdp - Ask Ubuntu. There are other solutions some pose to failed sesman logins like using your domain/username on the xrdp log-in instead of just your login name (but I've no clue what domain they mean), but I'd rather go step by step and see if I can fix the black screen thing since at least that process actually logs into Mint even though it's a black screen. I don't know what screen bpp "int" file is being referred to which I'd fix if I just knew what and where. Of course I can always reboot to my Mint partition to remote desktop the Mint PC but that's really a hassle in the middle of work.

    Thanks for any hints!

    Jim in NYC
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    Linux uses VNC for remote desktop sharing, though if you are running an X server on your client and ssh -X to the remote system, X applications work fine. For full desktop sharing though, you need to enable that on the Linux system, and install VNC client software on the client - available for just about all operating systems, including mobile devices.
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