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    Why does networking drop after I create new dummy IP addresses?

    Is there a reason why I cannot create multiple dummy IP addresses on a server with one NIC?

    I created three dummy IP addresses, but after an hour, the server becomes unresponsive via networking.

    ip li add dummy2 type dummy
    ip li add dummy3 type dummy
    ip li add dummy4 type dummy
    ip link set name eth22 label dummy2
    ip link set name eth23 label dummy3
    ip link set name eth24 label dummy4
    ip addr add brd + dev eth22 label eth32:0
    ip addr add brd + dev eth23 label eth33:0
    ip addr add brd + dev eth24 label eth34:0

    The IP addresses are pingable from other devices on the network. Why does the server drop its Putty connections and become unpingable? Is it likely unrelated to created dummy IP addresses?

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    Did you mean that you can't connect to it with SSH at all?
    Can you restart 'sshd' daemon on the console and try again after that?
    Or do you see any error at syslog?

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