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    Searching for Router distribution - NO NAT must be supported

    I'm searching for a all in one Router distribution like monowall, it must support a third NIC (not bridged!!!!).

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    Floppy FW is a mini router distribution which fits on a floppy disk:
    Here's a little howto on getting three NIC's working:
    not sure if that's really relevant to your situation though.

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    Hi @all!

    I have the following problem(sorry for the long text):

    I have two routers in different locations, each location has an uplink to the main network, each router should make one subnet and should use static IPs on the external interface.
    All must run without NAT!

    Both subnets connection to each other is limited in speed

    Each router has 3 network-Cards inside, so I want to connect the two subnets over the 3rd network-card(direct connection between the routers)

    I think I will need static routing to do the following:

    If PC1 from Network 1 wants to talk with PC1 from Network 2 it should use the direct connection and NOT USE the connection to the main-Network.

    Each PC should can be reached with it's original IP in his subnet (for example 172.16.154.xx)

    Is this possible or I'm just draming around?

    Please write back even you don't know the exact solution! Thanks!

    greetz Daniel

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    I guess that what you want is interlinking thoose 3 networks, isn't it?

    Lan-A reaches the router A on a direct connetcted interface eth0-A.
    Lan-B reaches the router B on a direct connetcted interface eth0-B.

    You will connect Lan-A with Lan-B using eth1-A and eth1-B right?

    At that point you want to have perfect interoperation between any system on Lan-A and Lan-B.

    You can do it using just routing tables at each Lan gateway!

    I'm not shure if this is your problem.

    (Sory my english)

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    router distribution

    The best router distribution that I have tried is Smoothwall. Some might say that its too GUI, but the fact of the matter is that there is great documentation, its stable, current, has rediculous amounts of features, and is really fast. Ten minutes to install, remove the disk, monitor, and keyboard, reboot. Done. Administer from the web interface. And, if you have to do some crazy firewall rules or whatever that aren't, for some reason, supported directly in the web interface, then start the ssh daemon from the Web interface and ssh into it.

    -hope that helps

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