Hi people.

This is my layout:

Me --> LAN
VLAN10 ->

My firewall allow me to reach my vlan.

I use ubuntu(16.x) as desktop, the arp command show us the list of current MAC's address.

Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface ether 60:12:8b:a8:c5:e7 C br0 ether 00:30:48:fd:6d:62 C br0 ether 00:14:22:48:c6:9d C br0 ether 00:25:90:04:e7:ee C br0 ether 52:54:00:3c:6f:00 C br0 ether 00:25:90:7a:c6:6e C br0 ether 70:e9:4c:68:46:60 C br0

But what happend if I try to ping a vlan machine which answer me and run again the arp report and the MAC for that vlan machine or any vlan machine won't appear?

Does arp get obsolete?

If I need to see that MAC I have to run tcpdump with -e option.

But someone can please explain me this