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    Purchasing a Wireless Router

    I just finished building my first computer, currently running SuSE 9.1. Since we previously only had one computer, networking was never an issue.

    We currently have a cable modem connected to a system running Windows XP Pro. I would like to purchase a wireless router and wireless card to allow both the SuSE machine and Windows XP Pro machine access to the internet.
    The Windows XP Pro machine will be wired to the router using an Ethernet cable as it will be located only a few inches away. The SuSE machine is located in another room and needs to be connected wirelessly.

    My questions:
    Which wireless router, wireless card, and standard would be best compatible with SuSE? Preferably a common router, easily found at Best Buy.

    How easy will it be to configure the SuSE machine? (I am very new to Linux and still learning the basics).

    Also, is there any other free Linux distributions that would be better for setting up a wireless network?

    Thanks in advance!

    - Kip

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    I assume it's a Desktop not a laptop?
    Any Wireless Router will work with Linux, as there is no kernel interaction with the router. As for a wireless card, I've had limited luck with a DWL-122 by DLink on SuSe 9.1 Personal. You might also want to try the Netgear WG311, i've heard that people have had good luck with that.

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