hi...i hav 5 pc's connected ..and of those ..one i m running as a server and the remainin 4 as clients..i wantd to configure Dns server seperately with one of the 4 remainin sys..i tried doin it in text mode..so i edited /etc/hosts file , /etc/resolv.conf ,/etc/named.conf ,/var/named/for.zone and /var/named/rev.zone.
so i created entries in all these files accordingly..the for.zone and rev.zone ..i created them...now i hav added other clients name and ip address to resolve in for.zone and rev.zone..and whn i try to dig from my dns server..i could get info..on the client..but whn i try using dig from the client side..i m gettin cannot resolve..and even tried using command 'host' ..but it says host not found..i added in the /etc/resol.conf "nameserver" in client sys, the dns server ip..and i did nt edit anythn els on clients..wht els should i do..can some one give me step by step detail on settin up dns...thank you..