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    Sambe installations and confi... Support

    I have downloaded samba and I need some help, I have extracted the file. I don't know how to install it, I have read the manual but I could not find anything regarding the installations.

    1. How can I intall it?

    1st machine My server is win2003 Server with shard folder, 2nd machine Slackware and I need to map my shard folder which is located at my server.

    2. How can I map it?

    Thanks a lot.

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    1.Check this out.
    2.Check this out.

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    Thanks debian, When I tried the following command

    I get:

    root@Admin:~# dir
    Desktop/        Google/  firefox-installer/  gftp-2.0.18.tar.gz  samba-3.0.11.tar.gz
    FTP\ Software/  Mail/    gftp-2.0.18/        loadlin16c.txt      samba-3.0.11/
    root@Admin:~# cd sambe-3.0.11
    -bash: cd: sambe-3.0.11: No such file or directory
    root@Admin:~# cd samba-3.0.11
    root@Admin:~/samba-3.0.11# installpkg
    Usage: installpkg [options] package_name
    Installpkg is used to install a .tgz package like this:
       installpkg xf_bin.tgz
    options:      -warn (warn if files will be overwritten, but do not install)
                  -root /mnt (install someplace else, like /mnt)
                  -infobox (use dialog to draw an info box)
                  -menu (confirm package installation with a menu, unless
                        the priority is [required] or ADD)
                  -ask (used with menu mode: always ask if a package should be
                       installed regardless of what the package's priority is)
                  -priority ADD|REC|OPT|SKP  (provide a priority for the entire
                        package list to use instead of the priority in the
                  -tagfile /somedir/tagfile (specify a different file to use
                        for package priorities.  The default is "tagfile" in
                        the package's directory)
    root@Admin:~/samba-3.0.11# cd
    root@Admin:~# installpkg samba-3.0.11.tar.gz
    Cannot install samba-3.0.11.tar.gz: package does not end in .tgz
    Is there another command I can run to install samba.


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    At first I was trying to install samba then I found that its allready installed in my system(I use slackware)..

    Then I have installed the GUI:

    make install

    ... Ok

    1. What command do I need to run samba(GUI)?

    2. I have read some manual and it says i should open


    pico smb.conf

    and thats what I get:
    ^G Get Help      ^O WriteOut      ^R Read File     ^Y Prev Pg       ^K Cut Text      ^C Cur Pos
    ^X Exit          ^J Justify       ^W Where is      ^V Next Pg       ^U UnCut Text    ^T To Spell
    that file is empty....... !!!!

    I would really appreciate your help, I need to map all my files which I have on my server in order to go back to work.


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