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Thread: Modem drivers

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    Modem drivers

    I am trying to install a driver for my external ACORP 56000 modem to make it faster on this ******* Dial-up connection. So I went to the Linuxant site and I was told I have to find the settings for my modem. I used the scripts for detection but it didn't work so I tried the ATI commands and here's what I got. Can you tell me wether my modem is HSF or HCf or RIPTIDE and more eprecisely what driver I should download ?
    ATI 56000
    ATI1 042
    ATI3 V3.400-V90_2M_DLS 06/22/2001
    ATI4 FM-56SA-SCM V.90 & K56Flex Modem Conexant P917-2109
    ATI5 B4
    ATI6 RCV56DPF-PLL L8773A Rev 14.00/34.00

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    ATI6 RCV56DPF-PLL L8773A Rev 14.00/34.00

    You have external serial modem , that means your modem is
    pure HARDWARE modem you do not need driver for it!

    You just need to know on what port is attached this modem.

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