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    Network not coming up during boot, live after boot

    I've got a very odd situation here. I have a Shuttle NForce2 motherboard, and everything is configured and working correctly - after the boot completes. During the boot sequence, the network doesn't seem to fully come on line. Here's what I'm seeing:

    During the boot (init2?) sequence, it shows all the drivers being initialized, including the network. Everything (seems to) succeed, including the eth0 interface. When it comes to mounting my CIFS share from fstab (well after eth0 is live), it fails with a "no route to host" message. Likewise, the autostart of mythbackend fails stating that it can't connect to the (remote) mysql server. I have tried using the server's IP address in fstab, and the mysql configuration uses the server's IP address, not the machine name.

    Once X loads, and I log in, _everything works_. I can "mount -a -t cifs", I can start mythbackend, I can do anything I need. It's just during the init process that the network appears to be down. There are no error messages regarding the init anywhere that I can find, other than the failure to mount the CIFS share and load mythbackend.

    I'm running Fedora Core 2 with the latest NVidia drivers. I know there's more information I probably need to provide, but meanwhile does anyone have _any_ clues, or ideas on where I should look? Thanks!

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    wild guess.... your iptables is required to have proper network access??? default iptables policy is set to DROP or something??? erm..... quite unlikely...... any other services loaded after that that gives you proper network access??? erm...... good luck


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