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    Nagios 2.0 configuration files ???

    Hello Guys,

    I've just installed Nagios and i have trouble
    (configuration files) getting it to work

    Nagios version : 2.x (CVS)
    OS : Fedora2

    1. Can anyone list me the configuration files to get
    nagios working (i.e, i need all the configuration
    files + examples ?
    [ -> is
    for nagios 1. version]
    ] doesn't tell the configuration files..

    I get this error when clicking the links in the left :

    Error: Could not read object configuration data!

    Here are some things you should check in order to
    resolve this error:

    1. Verify configuration options using the -v
    command-line option to check for errors.
    2. Check the Nagios log file for messages relating
    to startup or status data errors.
    3. Make sure you've compiled the main program and
    the CGIs to use the same object data storage options
    (i.e. default text file or template-based file).

    Make sure you read the documentation on installing,
    configuring and running Nagios thoroughly before
    continuing. If all else fails, try sending a message
    to one of the mailing lists. More information can be
    found at

    and even trying to restart nagios gives some error, i
    guess something wrong in the configuration part. all the .cfg files are under /usr/local/nagios/etc right ??
    doesn't work. Please help

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    My nagios config file in fc3 was installed to /etc/nagios.

    Running the command: nagios -v /etc/nagios.cfg will tell you all of your errors, or wherever your nagios.cfg is installed.

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