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Thread: SSH help

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    SSH help

    I have an ssh server setup at home. I opened a port for it on my router: port 22 inbound and port 5500 to the public. Now I'm at school and can't connect to the computer at home. I tried ssh -p 5500, but nothing happens. The router at home should re-direct incoming port 5500 to port 22 and then to the ssh server. Could it be something that gets stuck when the server tries to send data back? The firewall here has port 22 (in and out) opened.

    Fast answers are appreciated.

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    You have to be sure that the router does:

    If packet is incoming(from internet you can figure out this by the dest IP segment) and dest_port == 5500
        NAT the packet's destination info --> router_IP:5500 to SSH_server_IP:22
    If  packet is outgoing(from internet you can figure out this by the src IP segment) and src_port == 22
       NAT the packet's source info -->  SSH_server_IP:22 to router_IP:5500

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