I have this under SUSE help forum but I think it goes better here.

I installed SUSE 9.2 Pro on Saturday and had everything working. I could log into the Linux PC from the Windows PC using Samba, telnet & FTP using the Linux PC's host name.
I thought I wrote down everything I did but I guess I missed something.
Today when I try to log in using Samba, telnet or FTP I now get 'Host name lookup failed' message on my windows PC.

I have everything on a local network using a Microsoft router/hub/gateway that also does the DHCP. I have not been in it so it has not changed. The host name of the Linux has not changed. Windows Explorer can see the Linux host name in My Network Places/Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network under the group name.
Just to make sure I even turned off the firewall in the Linux PC, no help there.

I CAN log into the Linux PC using telnet & ftp if I use the Linux PC's IP. I can't do this with Windows Explorer as it uses only the host name. I need to be able to log in using Samba the most as I use a source editor in Windows to do programming on the Linux. (Don't anybody say anything about using a Linux editor has none of them compare to the editor I already have for windows, MultiEdit.)

I have been on this all day and can not figure out why I can no longer use the Linux host name.

Does anybody have an idea I can try?
Thanks in advance