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Thread: Router Problem

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    Router Problem

    I have an old machine that was collecting dust so I decided to put a copy of Redhat 7.3 on it so I could get some linux experience, however I can't get it connected to the net. I'm running it through a Linksys router, which currently has to winxp comps on it (one with an eth-net connection and the other one done wirelessly.) I followed a guide for configuring it it, but every time I try to ping anything I get 'connect: Network is unreachable'. I know this is probably vague but I'm not sure ony many other details or how to get them. I should also note that I'm limited to command line since thats all a could instal on this old machine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    as root user check the output of the following commands

    modprobe 'name_of_the_card_module("driver")'

    for instance on that last one. if the name of my driver is tulip, it would be,
    modprobe tulip

    post the output of those and and i will see what i can do.

    also, are you still only trying wireless connection or are you wired.

    if it is wireless make sure that you have configured the card to use any WEP key that you use on the router.

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    Under "ifconfig":

    Link encap: Local Loopback
    inet addr: Mask:
    (Various stuff about packets, all 0)

    I'm not sure about my card module. Its an old one I found in a computer I was about trash. When I added it it was detected and I let it go through whatever autoconfig. As for the other displays you asked for, I keep getting command not found.

    As for connection, its wired in through the second port.


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