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    Networking Linux and Mac

    Let me first say that i am new to Linux and been learning alot lately(usually the hard way) so hopefully i can get some answers before i start messing things up again.

    I am running a laptop with Fedora core 3 on it. My G/F has an iMac G5 with a printer, we are already using the router for internet connections, what i want to be able to do is share the printer. not having any luck so far.
    I have the Fedora core 3 bible which has tons of good information in it, but whenever i triy to use the apple talk commands that i am given in the book, they dont work. Mostly messages saying "no such file or directory" or "bad command" . i am thinking that i need certain packages installed that are not installed but i dont know which ones. anybody got any pointers?

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    Good start will be to check if you have installed the packages that suport Mac functinalities. I do not know about Fedora I have Mandrake but you should have in your Fedora pakage managing software. Check with that software what is installed in your computer and what is in the CDROM because mostly in the default instalation not all packages are installed. And if you have not full Fedora CDs, may be you have to download some packages forom internet. So try to install those pakages supporting Mac. By the way there is not away that Nac could share the printer in the TCP/IP address space other than appletalk ?


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