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    DummyNet for Linux?

    Is there any DummyNet for Linux which can emulate the effect of internet (delays, packet loss at some random probability etc.)
    there is dummynet for BSD but I couldnt found any for Linux.


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    well you can try etherial network analyzer. Not sure if this is what you are looking for or if it offers the features that you are looking for. This is in fc3 under Kmenu>internet. There is a ton of network analysis software out there if you just do a google search. *hold on* check this out: this may answer some of your questions.


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    Actually I have to test a streaming server and client on internet and take some values (e.g. packet arrival time, sent time etc.) to calculate some parameters like jitter, peak to signal noise ratio. I cannot actually deploy server and client for testing so I need some kind of emulator to do this job. I hope its clear now.

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    Hi raja,

    May be this message is arriving late, but someone else may use this information. I know two options in Linux, the first one is NistNet, it is a very powerful tool, but poorly documented. The second is NetEm, a subset of feautures deployed in NistNet were used to build this tool. It's a very simple tool, that gives you delay, reordering, loss, etc...

    Good luck,


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    Hi Lafs,

    Your reply was of great help. I have a situation where i need to control bandwidth and induce delay, loss over a client server interaction. I was looking for a tool similar to dummynet for linux.


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    Your best bet would probably be the combination of tc and netem. There are many examples and tutorials on the net for this.

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