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    Linux Networking Steps

    I'm still very new to Linux, and find it all very complicated,
    Was wondering if anyone would help me.
    I need Easy Basic steps for networking linux.
    You know, from a clean installation to networked.
    Just basic peer to peer using tcpip.
    Stuff like setting up an IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS, Computer name, Workgroup Name, disabling firewall, and basic all access shares.

    Please help me. I am about to give up.

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    Croxley, tell everyone which distribution you have installed. SUSE, Debian, Mandrake, or ?
    The answer is distribution dependant.
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    Hi, sorry... I wasn't aware that it is spesific, I actually thought Linux was Linux, I thought the distributions was just user interfaces designed to make use a bit easier... My bad, sorry about that.

    I've got two different ones I'm using, Redhat 8, and Suse 9.
    I'd prefer getting details on Suse, or both, but either would be nice to have, please guys any help.

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    what other kind of hardware do you have ie a switch or router or dsl/cable modem. this will also be usefull information for those trying to assist you.


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    Hi Jeff,
    For now just normal networking through either CoAxial Cable, or a hub and UTP. Internet and the rest is not a big priority for me. I just want to be able to browse my linux PC from a windows xp pc. thats all just to be able to share a forlder or drive so I can access it over the network from my Windows XP pc.

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    I just installed SUSE 9.2 a little while ago...
    look here
    That should provide the pieces to the internet puzzle for you.
    Post back with any questions. Someone will pick them up.
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    Thanx for the reply shalamabobbi, this does certainly clear up internet issues for me, however, I'm still stuck on the networking issue.

    Please... Any help, I know how to browse files, and how to use the editors, just need to know which files to edit, and what to change them to.


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    to do the networking stuff, either use GUI's configuration tool, or install web-based admin tool like webmin, or do it the text way, by running netconfig (for redhat) or edit files in

    /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts (these are where RH normally stores the network-related configuration file)

    dig into, here is a good place to start:

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    Thanx a lot for the advice adam7979. This help a lot on the Red Hat side.

    Anything you can help me with in Suse9? I need the same type of info.

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    In SUSE you can configure things using YaST instead of the command line.
    Click the green icon in the lower left corner, select system->yast.
    enter password, now on the left you'll see network devices and network services. You can configure things there.
    For interoperability with windows you need to use Samba.

    If you need more information post back..
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