I took matters into my own hands and had to fight to fix the bootloader because i thought reinstalling mandrake might solve the problem, it didn't and it also made windows unbootable, my boot floppy didn't work, and the LILO screen didn't work on the hd. anyway, here's my problem, and I'll try to make some sense.

My freind gave me a 3Com/USR modem, model 5610, it's an older modem from 1999, but it works. And I found out that it was compatible with Mandrake 9.1, the distro that I use. Stuck it in the computer, dials fine, everything is cool there, but linux needs a driver I suppose. It is possible that I have it set on the wrong COM port, i think i set it to COM2 on linux, and it shows up on windows as COM4, i'm assuming that they stay the same on both OS's, so lets just say I didn't guess right. If everything is fine, outside of the COM port, what do i need to do to dial up to my ISP? Terminal? something else I'm unaware of?

Technical Information:
Distro: Mandrake 9.1
Boot: Dual Boot, Windows XP Home Build 2600, Mandrake 9.1

HardDrake from the Control Center shows the modem as Unknown/Other, Device Class is Communications.