Good Day All,

Well, I seem to have run into some problems with the MRTG installation that I have here. I have a RH9 Box with MRTG 2.10 and it has been running very well, as a matter of fact there is no issue with how it runs -- more the idiot (me) configuring it!

I want to setup maxbytes on all interfaces for 10MB because that it the highest any of my transport circuits will burst to. I have been getting some bogus spikes reported that are showing 64MB or higher and throwing everything off. I have calculated and calculated this value and I have not seemed to gotten anything that is working correctly at the 10MB cap I want. Mostly - they are not capping the traffic report. Now, bear in mind -- I am not re-doing the cfgmaker -- I am editing the file at the maxbytes.

Furthermore, is it possible to seek this out and delete it? The bogus spikes I mean. I am not to worried about it -- if I would be able to adjust the .png files that are generated so that my supervisors who want things to look a certain way -- have it looking that way.

Thanks Much!!!!!!!!!