hey guys i've been kinda grappling with this wireless issue on my laptop for a while. I'm fairly new to linux and i still have a lot to learn. heres my problem:

i have a linksys wpc11 v.4 card and after strugling with it, first trying wlan-ng, drivers from realtek, and then finally settling with ndiswrapper and a set of the xp drivers, i finally got my system to recognize my card so that i could view it as wlan0 through both ifconfig and iwconfig. I have a linsys access point, which i reset to factory settings (essid = "linksys", chan = 6, etc). I was able to find, among other wireless networks, my access point using iwlist wlan0 scan, and my wireless nic appears to be connected to it (it gets an ip etc. through dhcp and i see packets being transfered with ifconfig). however, within kde, none of my apps can access the internet even though the network script in /etc/init.d appears to state that everything is working. i assume its probably some stupid thing i left out or didnt know to do. any help you could offer would be greately appreciated.

if it helps any, i'm running SuSE 9.2, kernel 2.6.8-24.11-default. thanks again

edit: i'm not sure if this is part of the problem, but i cant see to disable my ethernet card (eth0). i tried using both ifconfig eth0 down, and ./network stop eth0, but when i use ./network status, it still shows eth0 waiting for dhcp and wlan0 connected. are my programs trying to use eth0 instead of wlan0?