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    SMB with fedora core 3

    Hey all. I'm having some difficulties with setting up samba to work in fedora core with my 2 windows machines. I've tried getting help on fixing it but nothing seemed to work (probably me not being able to explain my problem well. Im relativly new to linux, compared to windows)

    Im running Fedora Core 3, on one PC, and windows xp pro on two others.
    My two windows box's user names have no passwords on them, there blank

    Could some one guide me on how to set up Samba properly out of the box so I can access my windows shares/printers on both computers, and my linux shares on both windows machines? Preferally with no password authentication at all on either side. (not worried about security, just convienence)

    I've never really had sucess with samba before, and this is why I always went back to windows, as it was more convienent for my network. But this time I'd like to stick with linux for good.

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    A good way is to use webmin

    You can install a webmin rpm very easy. Just go to in the top right corner pick RPM and were you saved it just type rpm -U and the name of the webmin rpm.

    You can go in to see what it running and pick for things to start up at boot or just tell it to start it now. All with just clicks. You can then go to a file broswer. Find the folders were you want windows to see. Click on the icon for sharing. Check the box for you want it to shair and you can even type in a name. Webmin will then auto set Samba to shair that folder.

    I guess this is the best way.

    If you did not install Samba. I think just doing a "up2date samba" would install it.

    There is a config for samba too called SWAT you can get to it with http://IP:901 so your IP of Fedora and port 901 I had to do a "service xinetd restart" then SWAT config came up. I set that service to to stay on with "chkconfig xinetd on" When you 1st get on SWAT it should ask for you name and password.

    If you don't have SWAT installed just do a "up2date samba-swat" it will install it for you then.

    The smb.conf file my have "security = user" you can edit that file and find that and change it to "security = share" You can set all this up in webmin easy.

    This should help you to set up samba.

    -Raymond Day

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