I have just tried out Knoppix, after going from Suse 9.2pro to VidaLinux 1.1 to Yoper 2.1.1 to Ubuntu Hoary to FC3. (SuSe, VidaLinux, and Ubuntu using x86_64) on my laptop. I like it, somewhat. Very cool live CD, with all sorts of features. I installed the Live CD to my laptop and have been using it as my primary operating system. However, It is too crammed with featuers that I do not use. I am interested in going back to Ubuntu (i32 bit this time) , or maybe Yoper, for their very clean feel. However, I want to take some of the Knoppix features with me.

Is it possible to use/find a program like netcardconfig (a gui shell for ifconfig) or wlancardconfig (same for iwconfig) that I could use in some other distro? Are those two programs available? Could I find similar ones? They make setting up my wireless card very easy, in conjunction with ndiswrapper.

Any ideas or links?