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Thread: kppp+FC2

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    It's working, but I am now thoroughly confused.
    Using FC 2 with internal PCI Intel536ep modem. (no DSL here)
    I guess FC2 installs 2 dialers; Kppp and network device (wvdial)

    Brief history. Used network device to configure modem, connected, and could use browsers.........OK.

    Then configured modem in Kppp....connected, but no browsers.
    Found out this is a problem w/redhat and fedora since 1999!
    Apparently kppp in FC2 does not automatically update the resolv.conf file, so browsers don't know where to look, and you have to use the MANUAL not AUTO entry in GUI for DNS addressing.

    1. when not connected, resolv.conf file had DNS addressing of:, .... 181, or .....213 which are the 3 #'s I put in the DNS tab of the kppp account configuration in GUI.
    2.removed contents of resolv.conf Still no browsers
    3.Connected using net device (which uses wvdial) and this time resolv.conf had, and .......4 so, closed connection.......
    4. went back to kppp and removed the 63.215....numbers and added the 209.244.... numbers and voila!!! the browsers now work with the kppp.
    5.I had assumed that the DNS IP address list on the DNS tab (GUI) in the Kppp conf was for my ISP, because when connected, the kppp details box shows the remote address as one of the 63... numbers.
    6.Now I find out that the browsers will work with Kppp only if the 209.... numbers are entered into the DNS address list.
    7.I was confident that these new numbers were correct (and they do work) so I called the ISP to see what their address is and the numbers are and .22!! These are completely different than either of the previous sets of #'s.

    I am now completely confused as to whose #'s belong to who and and whose domain name is whose. who is remote, who is local.
    Even though it is now working, I need to understand why because a local church has asked me to setup a couple of PCs and setup dialup for them.
    Any help appreciated.

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    Looks like these are all nameservers and they should all be good.(?) I've set up dial-up access in both Fedora Core 1 and 3 and never had to put in a DNS number for internet access: I think that by connecting to the ISP and having access to their DNS, that's all that's needed (but maybe it's different for your ISP).
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