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Thread: 2 PC network

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    2 PC network

    PC 1
    Mandrake 10.0 dwnload
    SiS ethernet
    External serial dialup fot internet connection

    PC 2
    Fedora core 2
    Intel 10/100 ethernet
    internal PCI dialup modem for internet connection

    Have these Pc's hooked up w/cat5e crossover cable.
    Most of the tutorials describe the hdwr end of things but would like to know about setting these PC's up for file sharing. I'm not too worried about internet sharing right now, unless it is a given that you have to do both. I have setup each PC with dialup modem, and that's all working, but whenever I use the network config tool in FC2 or MCC in the GUI for the ethernet setup, I get the feeling that I'm setting up ethernet for INTERNET connection
    ( because then my dialup doesn't work right and have to delete the etho setup) and that's NOT what I want. I would like for the PC's to talk to each other to share files. Again, the tutorials go on about hdwr, but would like to know how to configure the ethernet cards to talk to each other, NOT the internet.
    Thanks for any help

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    I don't know much, but I can tell you that sharing internet is completely separate from anything else that you've written about. To share internet, you will need to set up your iptables (=firewall?) for NAT, or less precisely "masquerading", which causes the originating IP of packets sent/received by/for the second host to be converted to that of the first so the internet "sees" only only one host at your actual IP address (whether static or dynamic (DHCP)). It also requires that IP forwarding be compiled in the kernel.

    The protocol that you are interested in is NFS or network file system (which I think must also be compiled in the kernel)
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    I think that you just have fallen into a "glitch" of thinking when you have configured your "eth0" adapters on both computers, when you set up the IP for those computers, you shall not define any kind of default router on those interfaces or network. Both computers must be on the same IP network, i.e. pc1: pc2:
    Just remember NO default router!
    Hope this helps a bit.

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