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    configuring PPPoE

    hi all,
    my friend has RH 9.0 and DSL connection using PPPoE. How can he configure the connection on RH 9.0. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    redhat network configuration is simple. search around and you'll find your way. I think there are good tutorials and documentation on this subject online.

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    i got the command to setup dsl link on RH

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    hi ganadevab
    I am experiencing the same problem. so would u please post teh command in the forum.

    thanx n regds

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    The commands are:

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    yes those are the exact ones.i think i had forgotten posting it earlier.

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    those were the commands that i tried under root. it seems that i am getting connected but i am unable to browse. I dont know the dns to force it

    I have posted the issue in :

    pls chk and help

    thnx n regds

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    u are not clear enough regarding the connection.
    is the connection dsl or adsl?
    or is it cable internet?
    adsl commands work fine for pppoe connections

    if u are from india which is the service provider u are accessing?

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    its an adsl connection. i am from india and the provider is BSNL. AS i said the commands are working fine. when i run the xdsl-status command i get and inet address something like 59.*.*.*... so i think i am getting connected, but the problem is that i am unable to ping any webpages by the URL or its ip address.


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    is ur account status at BSNL showing a usage?
    if yes
    check out that ur ethernet card is responding and fine

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