Hi everyone,

I am new to these forums, (just found them today) but not so new to Linux.

I have been installing, setting up and running E-smith as a server for about three years now and as a server is very easy to use. Once set up windows boxes just find the server and away you go. E-smith is not graphical at all and can be maintained via a web browser on a workstation so is very easy to maintain too.

I have been trying to setup another PC to my network and this time I want to use a graphical version of Linux. I have also been trying to help a friend in Romania get a network up and running in a charity out there. Because of lack of funds and windows licenses we tried to get a few linux boxes to work together but failed badly brfore I had to come home. When I got home was when I tried to get the Linux box on my network to work hoping to send the answers to my friend in Romania.

We tried Red Hat an Suse but everytime we installed Linux the sofware set itself up as a server and so I think they were all trying to give each other IP addresses via DHCP and of course this won't work.

I am sure all I need to do is to change some settings somewhere but can I find where ????

If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

The reason for my visit to Romania ??? I can just here people asking themselves why does he go. I have been going to Romania since 1991 taking aid and resources for the needy people there through a charity I run here. The network we were trying to set up is to help teach computers to kids who would never see a computer normally and who can not afford to go to school. For more info go to www.jars.org.uk

Thanks in advance.