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    Shows workgroup, cant go further

    So by disabling my firewall and enabling some network protocols and shares I randomly got my network kind of working. I wonder how. So it now shows my workgroup but it wont let me any further to see the windows machine. + the windows machine cant see the linux machine. I have samba client and server installed on the linux machine. Any other steps to take?

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    more details?
    1) is windows' firewall disabled as well?
    2) what is your windows' workgroup? is it the same as samba?
    3) mind to share with us your smb.conf?

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    WIndows firewall is disabled

    where would I find smb.conf?

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    Yes the workgroup is the same. I think what I am seeing here in my netowrk is just the local computer.

    it says

    (with pryjon being my workgroup and it is all uppercase in windows and linux)

    Pryjon (Samba 3.0.7 - 5 SUSE)

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    smb.conf (for redhat family) is found int /etc/smb/smb.conf (or /etc/samba , cant remember it atm, not with my linux box :P )

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