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    How do I deal with login prompt before PAP?

    I would like very much to know how to connect manually to my ISP. I can do it with KPPP, linuxconf, etc., but I just would like to know how to do it manually, and I have been struggling at it. Searching the internet for help, it appears that I should not expect to see a login and password prompt if PAP is required, but that is the case for me. Using minicom, I get Connect and prompts for username, and password if I enter username. A connection message follows that informs me that a PPP session is started. At this point, the cursor in minicom becomes solid and stationary - you cannot see anything you type and the strange characters indicating ppp activity never appear. I've tried many things: not responding to prompts, quiting minicom and starting pppd; responding to prompts, then starting pppd; typing ppp at different times; making sure correct information is in pap-secrets, in options; etc. The bottom line is that whenever I check the connection with ifconfig, there is no ppp0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've looked for hours and hours on the internet, but what I see seems to conflict with the fact that I know that PAP is required, but I'm getting the login prompt and no ppp startup.

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    im having this problem too.. basically im very new to linux.
    using gnome interface. dun even know where to setup the network connection.

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