hi hi

i have a few problems actually.

first, i can't seem to get SuSe to see my windows shares. i've tried setting up SAMBA with the workgroup name etc, and i've read this forum and googled around but i think a key issue is i can't ping either machine from the other. SuSe is installed with windows XP as a dual boot machine, and when in windows its works just fine so i guess its not so much a connectivity problem as a linux problem.

second, i can't access certain sites from SuSe. the internet works perfectly other than that, and i can access certain sites but not others. eg i can get to this site and suse.com but i can't connect to something as everyday as google.com, it just times out on me.

third, YOU can't seem to find an update source. i can put in a manual address but i'm not sure which directory in an ftp server to specify, can someone give me a link please?

thanks in advance