Dear all,
I have to create a linux cluster to run parallel programming from 3-4 machines simultaneously and then finally combine the programs at the server to produce the output.Right now my idea is to use mosix though i am just stepping into these cluster programming.
Can you help me out in how to setup a cluster to do this.Do i need to have the clock synchronisation done as well as different machines have different clocks.The main idea is that 3 persons can run the same program from 3 different machines for various values and finally they need to be combined in another machine.

was thinking of using PVM.But i want to know if any other cluster like beowulf or mosix needs to be used along with PVM or can i just use PVM.

How can PVM be used for parallel programming with systems running NIS.Do i need to have any time synchronisation.
How to install PVM on a linux system

This is what i want to do.I have a program which takes a particular value to perform certain calculation.That value is a variable which is given by the user.Now i need to have a cluster of systems with each system taking a particular value from the user and performing the calculation in that particluar system.Finally all these values should be summed up in the server.
For this to be done what type of cluster can be used..... I am not sure if openmosix can be used for this type of program.

Any help in this regard would help me a great deal.