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    wireless routers/card in use

    I recently setup my laptop on slackware.

    I've got dualboot W2K and Slack10. Dlink G wireless, 108 MBPS, DWL-G650 REVB4 card using NDISWRAPPER 1.1.

    I get frequent drops. In windows I also noticed this card and this router seem to have little problems. ?

    Does anyone else use the dlink router DI-624? Problems?

    We switched from the Liniksys wireless B router and never had any problems. I do like the DLINK setup and controls like access controls similar to what I was used to in a Cisco 2500 series router, but this drops seems to be a problem.

    Even other wireless computers on the network that never dropped, will for no reason lose their connections now.

    Any ideas?

    What are others using?

    Anyone else using a Dlink DWL-G650 card? If so what router? What linux distro?

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    I use the DI-624 myself and suggest first to download the latest firmware. It did help me. (I have the DI-624c) which is a much improved version over the a and b)

    That's the link

    Also the default setup on the DI is much to be desired for firmware.

    ssid - Change from default for better security
    Extended Range Mode - Enabled
    802.11g Only Mode - disabled
    SSID Broadcast - enabled (not my favorite idea but necessary for extended range)
    Security - WEP (only choice I have for my intel wireless card on the laptop)
    Authentication - Open system (not my favorite either but easier to connect)

    These settings seem to give me the greatest range and avoid dropoffs. Hope that helps.

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    I'lll try this,

    do you have other wireless computers on your net?

    When I switched to the DL router and one DL card I can no longe rsupport WEP on the other pc's unless I swap those other brands of cards for DL cards. That would be expensive.

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    Sorry but I have only have one laptop connected via the dlink and I might add that for some reason wired (e.g. through the built in ethernet card) I can connect to both my samba server and my windows 2003 server. Wireless, I can't find the samba server. Settings are identical.

    That one stumps me.

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