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    speed comparison

    after spending time on squid and iptables i found that

    iptables mean linux treated as router (masquerade) work fast as compare to squid proxy server
    why i don't know

    on client side i checked this speed
    when ever i open yahoo through masquerade , the side opens with in
    6 seconds (average) on dial up speed
    but when i chage the browser setting to proxy seting , the speed decrase to 10 to 15 and some time more than 18 seconds on the same site.

    what is this ?

    without cache speed is fast why ?

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    That's the very nature of a caching proxy server. When you request an object (web page, image, etc), squid has to check it's local cache to see if it already has that file, then if it does, check to make sure it is current enough to be considered good. If it is, it'll give you the object. If not, it goes and fetches it, then stores it in the cache, then gives you the object. Thus, double the time, easily.
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    join the two wired network with wireless


    i have two problems

    i am running my cable net. first of all tell me what is the best way for cabling
    (in cable secure point of view )
    under ground or over bulidings/houses

    oops it is related to networking not wireless net

    anyhow 2nd problem is

    now i want to join two wired area network with wireless.
    the reason behind is because of main road and it is not possible for me the
    to cross the road with wire (underground or over ) because of my government policy.

    what can i do know ?
    tell me the easiest and not costly solution

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    you could use ssh, or virtual private networking. This will work as long as you have access to the internet with your machines in different buildings. As far as the cost it would be the cheapest way to go because all the things needed are already with the operating system and if it is connected to the web you are all set. The only thing would be for you to set up the operating system to work with it.
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