I have RedHat 9 installed; and an Agilent 3100 external modem installed; it appears to be also called a Cnet CN5614XE 56k external; Kudzu asks me when I start the computer without the modem turned on, that the modem is missing; but when I first attempted to use the network configuration tool, it did not "find" an external modem; but it is happy to use what it must term a "generic modem" at ppp0, and dial up successfully; is there some way that I can "force" it to recognise the modem; or connect the Kudzu recognition to the network configuration tool; I did attempt to install FC3; it aborted the modem install as it could not find the modem; I know I may get advice to buy a new modem; it does currently work; can I link the Kudzu recognition please?[[/list]