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    RTL8180 driver works but not all the way?

    Nevermind my earlier post. It turns out, after digging around like a newbie hacker that D-Link lied (well misinformed) me about the chipset in my DWL-650. It is not the ADMtek 8211, but rather the Realtek RTL8180. Two days wasted because I didn't know how to check on my own. Well, lesson learned.

    Here is my current situation. I've loaded ndiswrapper 1.1. I loaded the D-Link driver successfully and got activity. But was not able to change any configuration on the card, ESSID, Mode to Managed etc.

    At this point I wanted to check on another PCMCIA card I have lying around, the Asante AL1611. This also uses the Realtek chipset. Every site I've been to lists this card as incompatible with Linux which, ironically (as you will see), is the reason for getting the DWL-650. But hey, I've installed and reinstalled my OS so many times in 48 hours I figured, why not. So I removed the D-Link driver directory from /etc/ndiswrapper and then installed the AL1611 .inf.

    I've gone through all the configurations and everything seems fine.
    I've got the correct ESSID, I've set the IP to a static one that I know works on my network.
    I can ping my wireless router. I can also ping the Linux box from my iBook. (EDIT: I CAN PING EXTERNAL IPs BUT STILL CAN'T GET WEBPAGES
    EDIT 2: I CAN PING ETERNAL IPs, BUT I CANNOT PING NAMES, e.g. i could not ping, got an unkown host reply)
    But I can't get any network traffic from outside the wireless router. No web pages come through etc.

    Why is this?

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

    Is this just a DNS issue?

    if i can get this to work I will definitely add this card to the

    System specs:
    Sony Vaio PCG-XG18
    Mandrake 10.1
    Linux Kernel 2.6.8
    ndiswrapper 1.1
    Asante FriendlyNet AL1611

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    Check out the opensource driver at

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