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    DNS - why only the first DNS server is looked up??

    In the configuration part of the name server in Yast2, three name servers can be entered. I wonder why? If the first name server is down, there will be no second lookup to the second one!! Can anyone explain me why?! Maybe something is wrong in some other settings?!

    Thanks [/b]

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    What do you mean there will be no second to lookup??

    If you put DNS servers from 3 completely different sources, there will.

    What i tend to do is put the 2 from my ISP in the first 2 boxes, then put a public DNS server in the 3rd box, then if my ISP's DNS servers BOTH go down at the same time, i can still get to a DNS.

    Well, SHOULD! the chances of all 3 dns servers goin down are not all that likely
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    I know its somehow crazy and therefore I post it here

    Just tray it out on your own! If the "out of service" DNS Server (in my case is in the first place and the good one ( in the second place, Konqueror cannot resolve the name ("Unknown host"). Changing the places solved the problem.

    It takes me a long time to came to this one!!! Also using other DNS Servers doesn’t change this strange behaviour. But, as I posted in the first post, maybe there is some other setting influencing this DNS-resolving-mismatch.

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    and u have them in your /etc/resolv.conf like this:

    and switchin the IP's makes it work ok?
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    dns cannot resolve

    Can anyone help me how to setup a DNS on RedHat Enterprise 4 ES. I tried it before using Redhat 9 but I wasn't successful. I need to up the DNS Server IP is and the Web Server is this is external.

    It always said that "The connection was refused when attempting to contact I had already disabled my firewalll.

    Can anyone help me please.

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    jporpilla, your ISP should have sent you a couple of DNS Servers to use when you registered. What u need to do is edit the /etc/resolv.conf file (as root and add them like this:

    nameserver <ip of DNS 1>
    nameserver <ip of DNS 2>
    but change <ip of DNS1 to the primary DNS server your ISP suppliued you, and the <ip of DNS 2> as the secondary DNS they gave you.

    You can also add a 3rd DNS if you want, just add an extra nameserver line on the bottom, however, 2 DNS should keep you going for a long time
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    Yes, my etc/resolv.conf contains the ff:


    the first nameserver was my ISP DNS that was given to me, the 2nd & 3rd are my DNS Server & Webserver.

    It still says that the connection was refused and still can't find

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    do you have a secondary DNS from the ISP?

    Try lookin on the net for a public DNS near u and add that in.
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