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    I recently installed Suse 9.0 dual boot with XP (whose days are numbered)
    Immediately I noticed the connection was considerably slower than XP but I assumed this could be resolved through updates or maybe a driver for my nic. I haven't had a chance to fool around with that for a few days (my wife fails to understand how important this is) but now I noticed a slowdown in Windows too. For a couple of hours today I wasn't able to get onlne at all. No dropped packets, just couldn't find the host.
    I'd call my isp but I have Comcast (need I say more) and I don't think theycoould tell me anything. Also, when Suse is starting up I noticed that it can't resolve the internet address right away. Could this be related to the wireless router I have installed on my network? I'm gonna RTFM today but I was wondering if anyone had some ideas I could check out. Keep in mind I'm a noob but I do have a decent understanding of networking in general. here's my setup:

    Asus a7n8x Nvidia chipset with 2 nics onboard(only one is in use and the other is disabled in Windows)
    Buffalo ireless router/ap
    Motorola surfboard cable modem
    Voip box on the front end
    the wireless client is temporarily disabled and the machine I'm using is wired to the router.

    Thanks for your help in this matter.


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    Well to me it just sounds like your isp's first dns server is down. Try renewing your router's dhcp lease (if it has one), see if it changes, maybe you could try manually changing the dns server order on there. Thats if you're using dhcp on your home network from your router, but if you arent then you know what to do.

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