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    What exactly do I need need to install to view files from a windows server if im using slackware and want to view the files in xwindow and things like that? Thanks

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    goto and download the samba server for your slackware box as well as SWAT. SWAT is necessary to setup the fiddly things for SMB services, but most of the legwork should be done by editing the /etc/samba.conf file.

    For more help, google for this document: "The Unofficial SAMBA Howto"
    It tells you everything you need to set up a SMB server as well as printing and NT logins.

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    Swat isn't necessary. (AlexK, don't mean to step on your toes here, but Swat can be confusing when this is a pretty simple procedure.)
    All you need to do in slackware is open a terminal
    cd /etc/samba
    in an editor (I like pico)
    open smb.conf
    scroll down to workgroup and change it to your windows workgroup
    workgroup = yourwindowsworkgroup #whatever it might be
    then you need smbusers. I like to use the users that are already on the windows box so if you have a user named todd on your windows box I like to createt the same user on your linux box with the same password.
    so if you have todd on you windows box with a password of abcdef I do this
    adduser todd
    #then it will give a bunch of questions just hit enter till you get to the passwd
    then put in abcdef #or whatever password is the same for the user on your windows box
    then samba needs the same thing so do this
    smbpasswd -a todd
    then you will need to restart the service
    here is how to do that
    /etc/rc.d/rc.samba   restart
    Then you will need to share the file on the windows box
    The best way to view from the linux box is to open konqueror
    and in the location bar
    smb&#58;//<name of windows box>
    so my windows box is called adrenaline (of course)
    for me I type
    then choices come up and I can choose where I want to go from there
    I hope this helps
    let me know if you need further advice
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    like that adrenaline

    it serves better, wouldn't have done any other. the .conf way get it going.

    cudos! urs in th penguin

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    try out webmin

    try out webmin
    it is a cool browser based help u out..

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