Hi everybody, how're ya?

I personally hate Xandros coz it's more like windows but I had to install it coz I don't know anything about networking and I had to connect to VPN at my working place. So, I installed it and lemme tell ya that it's VPN connector programs is really like Windows and it's easy to work with. It only asks the remote computer IP, username and password. When I entered these information, and tried to connect, it failed and gave me this error message:

An external command was unsuccessful:
Pon command failed
The PPP negotiation failed
and ....
There were a couple of other error messages that I don't think are necessary to quote! So, I went to its advanced options, and in DNS part, I unchecked Use Pear DNS server, I tried again and voila! It connected, the only problem was that it couldn't open any web site! Konqueror didn't give me any error message, but it couldn't load any web site. I disconnected and tried the advanced settings again, checking Use Pear DNS server and this time unchecking PPP -> Replace default route. This time I could connect successfuly, but once again I couldn't see any web site! I even thought it might be a DNS problem, so, I tried an IP ( -> yahoo personals) but it didn't work either. But this time Konquerer told me:
The connection was refused when attempting to contact ............
So guys, tell me what I'm supposed to do! Why is Linux like this? It always makes ya beg for something when other OS just do what you wana do for the first time! But well, sometimes pain can be pleasant!