I'm trying to use vsftp to upload some webcam images from my Windows box (there the cam is connected) to my Fedora box on my local lan. The Fedora box runs Apache and, naturally, my web site.

I can connect via Samba but when trying to connect to any directory but my home directory via ftp, I get an error like this:

Opening Directory: /var/www/html/modules/WebCam/data
Send : CWD
Recv : 550 Failed to change directory.
Send : MKD
Recv : 550 Create directory operation failed.
Create directory operation failed.

Now, I have permissions on the directory in question. The problem seems to be in the "change directory" part of things. It matters not which directory I specify. The only way I can ftp in is to specify no directory at all at which point I wind up in my home dir.

Any help?