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Thread: DNS not working

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    DNS not working

    Hi everyone!

    I have a small problem(I think it`s small :) ) . My /etc/resolv.conf file contains a dns IP`s from my ISP , but it doesn`t work:

    nameserver xxx.xx.x.x
    nameserver xxx.xx.x.x

    If I ping xxx.xx.x.x from my linyx box , it`s working, but from winxp that is connected through my linux box it`s not pinging

    Any Ideas ? cause I read all tutorials where it says that all you need to do is put these lines into /etc/resolv.conf file.

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    Sounds like the problem is not so much DNS related, but rather internet connectivity related. If you can't get a reply in the following command with your winxp computer:


    Then you've got networking issues.

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    It`s strange, because if I connect not straight to dsl modem, where I get static ip but through hw router I have no problem, but if I connect to dsl modem, where connection configuration is almost the same. I run netconfig and enter ip netmask , gateway , dns and no internet on winxp, but if I connect to hw router and run same netconfig entering ip , netmask and gateway I get internet connection. So I`m little bit confused what is the problem cause it looks the same connection to hw router or dsl modem only ip netmask gw is different also no modem connection I need to specify dns. Can it be that routes are not corect ?

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    Could be. If the routes on the computer isn't correct, then you may get a "No route to host" or "Network unreachable" type errors when you make the ping above. If you just get a timeout, then the packet probably went out ok, but the return packet didn't make it to the computer. I'm kinda hoping somebody else will step in now and help you out with this. I only replied in the first place cause you mentioned DNS.

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