Well I've tried alot of Linux distros, many of which I like, many of which I hate. I have a modded xbox, and my friend mentioned to me x-dsl. So I tried it, and I loved it. It can do alot and is very fast. I got right on the Net to! Well, I wish it were easier with my PC.

The 3rd PC I have is a Pentium MMX 233mhz with an ATI All-In-Wonder PCI PRO 16 bit. Along with a Jaton Sonic wave SPU and a serial Mouse + a 2gb HD and a 125mb HD(I'm serious, 125mb). Its a little behind the times, so I've decided to try something different on it. Many other Linux distros I've tried take up to much space on the HD, so I've deciced to try Damn Small Linux. Now I'm having trouble with getting it online. It's a Belkin F5D6001 V.2 11mbs Wireless Card. It is said to have an ATMEL Chipset. Well, i dunno how to get it to connect to my network so I can get online. I've heard of ndiswrapper but I have no idea what it is or how to use it(But it comes with DSL Linux). I've also heard of an Atmel driver. Well, I'm a COMPLETE LINUX NOOB. Can someone tell me what to do? I mean, everything, I have no idea how to use the terminal at all. You'll have to tell me everything to do right down to the nail. Thanks for the help! Linux is kool!

PS: You wont believe how many Cd-Rs I've wasted on Linux Distros.

EDIT: Oops! Forgot to mention this:

The Linux computer will connect to a Wireless Belkin Router. A Windows computer is hooked into that Belkin Router, that connects to my cable modem. Also on the network is a 600mhz which also has Windows. Dunno if you needed to know that!