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    Restricting Printing Access?

    Hi all, the newbie is back with yet another stupid (probably) question.

    My question is this, I have a JetDirect printer on a Linux box that I can access from Windows. I don't actually think I'm using Samba anywhere here (if someone wants to help me here go right ahead ) but maybe i'm wrong. I know that I'm using LPD printing. Now my question is, everyone has access to this printer on the network but we are doing Batch printing and it is important thta no one else sends something to the printer while 1 person is printing (sheets will get messed up). Is there a way to restrict access to users, like maybe have 1 user only be able to print. Let's say we name that person Joe, only Joe should have access to the printer and no one else. I need an ASAP plz!!!!! Thanks in advance

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    Take a look at CUPS. You can manage your printer and access rights with that software. But I think samba has possibilities for this as well. But I used CUPS to setup. More information on .

    When running, CUPSD comes with a webinterface on port 631. There you will find extensive documentation how to do this

    There are other ways I'm sure, but this is a nice way of managing printers and it is fully samba/windows compatible.
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