Having searched googlemany times I have come to the conclusion that there's nowhere really with a definitive guide on how to get this USB device working.

I see some who say you use Atmel Drivers and others who say you don't. I've tried many commands to find out what's installed and detected etc.. and to be honest I'm getting a bit stuck.

Today I installed Fedora Core 3 64-Bit edition, which I downloaded the ISO of last night.

Fedora Core release 3 (Heidelberg), 2.6.9-1.667 Kernel.

Upon performing the command: modprobe -l | grep at76c, the following line is returned:


Is this the right driver for a BT Voyager 1010 USB Adapter?

Also, after doing the iwconfig command the following is returned:

lo no wireless extensions

eth0 no wireless extensions

sit0 no wireless extensions

That's the most information I can give really. The 'dmesg' command gives a huge output which I couldn't possibly paste here.

Any information on how to get this working would be appreciated. the How To documentation on the Atmel website isn't much use to me at all, It's more confusing than the last time I looked at it