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Thread: Samba

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    Quote Originally Posted by alancooney
    smb -a root
    smb -a alan

    these commands come up as not found. I have tried all other suggestions and still no luck.. Also, how do I access the shared are on my Windows XP laptop?

    Cheers anyway, Alan
    root will not work you don't want share root anyway

    smbpasswd -a alan # must be root to do it and alan must be a user on the linux box

    must be like this
    "smbpasswd -a alan" # minus the quotes
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    ya all..
    i got this thing fixed.
    What happened was i didnt open the port for windows machine to open. when we install linux we emable the firewall so that firewall block the ports which are needed by samba to talk to other computers. what we need to do is open those ports.
    here is how u do it..

    make sure that u have included /sbin in your PATH .. otherwise these command will not work. add the /sbin to the path or use /sbin/service command

    assuming u have /sbin in ur path.

    $ service iptables start

    $ iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --sport 137 -j ACCEPT
    $ iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --sport 138 -j ACCEPT
    $ iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --sport 139 -j ACCEPT

    $ service iptables stop

    remember to stop iptables service..

    and.. kaboom reboot machine and try to access ur samba server.. should work..


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    Yah that fixed it 4 me 2. Turns out wen I set up the windows password the firewall got turned on again.

    Now, does any1 know how I can axcess my shared files on Windows XP laptop?

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